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      Light and Love:

      Here are a few ways light can be your tool in to guild you in the mind set you need.

      • 💜Purple - Purple light can help reduce emotional stress. This can allow you to reframe and work through your stressors. Purple light can also be able help you to sleep and recenter your circadian rhythm. (If your find that purple light is too intense try a deep blue instead)
      • 💙Blue - Also know as the "Bringer of Peace", Blue can be used to lower blood pressure or calm people down. Blue light has also been used in light therapy to help people who have sleeping disorders.
      • 💛Yellow - Yellow can sometimes be beneficial in the treatment of depression. Yellow help your mind sway towards optimism, happiness and energy.
      • 💚Green - Nicknamed Strength provider, Green light therapy stimulates the creation of growth hormones and strengthens muscles, bones and other tissues. It can also assist in boosting your immune system. Green has also been know as the color of nature.
      • ❤️Red - Red is an powerful color can that can help drive passion and intensity to your life. Be wary of red as is can intensity negative emotions as much as positive ones.
      • 🧡Orange - Orange is the "Source of Creativity", orange stimulates the creative thought process and help people come up with new ideas. Used orange to sharpen your mind and focus on yourself or project.
      • 🤍White - White light can help bring a feeling of innocence, cleanness a and purity. A soft white light can help you to feel neutral and safe.